Thursday, June 26, 2014

Iam a researcher victim of Romanian Ministery of research

I am Alberto Rodrigues an economic and digital science researcher I am a victim of Romanian  ministry of researh My live is in danger Iam  in a very deplorating humanitarin situation 

After i had created a sopfisticated digital science platform though what Romania can get EU founds with possibility zero for corruptin ,i am having big problems 

If you wil seaerch for the expression ""Romanian Ministery of research abuse "" you will find why my researches have disturbed corrupted and incompetents institutions 

Until then i can also tell you than 

 Given the Ucranian situation investors will avoid to invest in Poland, Romania 

ecause of this i had created a list of business opportunities which bring more than 25% profit in less than 75 days ,

Given that in Romania there is a big number of Moldavian students in order to help Europe Union to promote his interests in Ucraina ,Moldova ,Georgia 

i had created a project from what can result a very important 

link which will go viral from hundreds computer to dozens millions of some other in Ucraian ,Moldova ,Georgia and like this citizens from those countries will see that Europe Union are bringing them a lot of advantages 

The text for one of those links can be ""Europe Union will help you to valorise your talent and get cash money apart of your salary ""For this purpose apart of some different other things i had 

created a sophisticated digital science platform thougn what Moldovian ,and Ucranians will promote Romanian businesses opportunities which can bring more than 25% in less than 75 days ,Know how transfer events which can be done in Romanina major summer time tourist area in wekends of August September and October Given that in very short time a big number of Transnistria citizens who want to separate from Moldova and those who want to separate from Ucraine will get thousand euros promoting the businesses opportunities ,and they will know that if they will separate from Moldovia and Ucraine they will lose those advantages ,they will no longer be motivated to support the idea to separate from the two countries
Given that those who will promote those businesses opportunities must open a new banking account in Moldovia and Ucraine by this occasion this project will help EU to create another important links which can help him to achieve strategics goals""Europe Union will help Moldova Ucranian Georgia banks to get more than 7 millions new clients in less than 7 months ""
Given that if millions of Moldova, Ucranian ,Romanian ,Bulgarian citizens wil get money promoting those business opportunities ,know how transfer events they will not be motivated to advanture in different Europe Union countries this is a very strategic projects which will have EU citizens mass support Appart of this it will be a very transparent way to give Moldova ,Ucraina ,Georgia ,Romania Bulgaria economic and financial support because money will arrive in their citizens pocket and then direct in the country economy ,without no possibility for corruption In the same time banks will get more clients and help the economy to growth In the same time citizens from those countries will help EU to achieve strategics objectives and bring to Romania ,Bulgaria ,tourists and conferences asistants who used to go beford to Crimea
Given that i had considered this an abuse i had adresed the director of know how transfer mr George Bala and ask his to indicate me companies ,organizations ,instituties which have obligations to organise meeting with entrepreneurs who can implment those projects Given that Romanina Ministery of research had used Eu founds to create Websites ,magazins where researchers could present their projects to entrepreneurs but after they got the founds they abandone the websites ,i had asked also mr George Bala to indicate me websites ,researchers and innovations magazins ,where i can publish different documents ,a list of entrepreneurs who are interested to invests in researchs and know how transfer industries ,foundations who can help a researcher when he is live is in danger Yes my live is in danger because i had been robed twice and i lost everyting i had i reported those and Constanta police I had lost all my logistic i used to make research and my ways i used to get incomes to support my researchs for more than 7 years I arrived to leave on the street and once i had been hited by a 7 grade tornade a gropup of gypsys who was searching things to robe in that moment hat taken me treated me weel that nigh but from the next day i had become their slave During all this time more than 10 months i had been informing Romania Governement and Romanina Ministery of research about the situation but they never answer Given that in any situation i should be killed they wanted me to be killed because some months beford i had robed i had informed them about a sopfisticated platform i had created thoug what they could get European Union founds with zero posibility for corruption and 100% transparency By February a citizen who could no longer see the way i was suffering on the street had taken me to a social center named Campus Henri Coanda ,hje had given me 300 lei and some stuffs Given that during all those period more than 10 months as i had big research result i had asking Romania Ministery of research to put me in touch with researches ,companies organizations ,but they did not even answer because probably they want me dead just because i had discovered the platform though what they could get EU founds with possibility zero from corruption ,i did not have 97 euro to pay the social campus and now they are sending me back to the street Given that there is no more time to solve the probleme in an institute mode ,i had propose mr George Bala to mobilise some peole who works in the same fiels ,foundations ,companies ,which are dealing with research innovations and know how transfer to send a donation direct ot the social Campus admnistrations Despite the gravity of this humanitarian situation mr George Bala the Director of know how and transfer departament of Romania Ministery of research did not even answer my desesperate humanitarian call Because of this and some other very bad situation i did not present here i am asking for internationa help

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