Thursday, June 26, 2014

Iam a researcher victim of Romanian Ministery of research

I am Alberto Rodrigues an economic and digital science researcher I am a victim of Romanian  ministry of researh My live is in danger Iam  in a very deplorating humanitarin situation 

After i had created a sopfisticated digital science platform though what Romania can get EU founds with possibility zero for corruptin ,i am having big problems 

If you wil seaerch for the expression ""Romanian Ministery of research abuse "" you will find why my researches have disturbed corrupted and incompetents institutions 

Until then i can also tell you than 

 Given the Ucranian situation investors will avoid to invest in Poland, Romania 

ecause of this i had created a list of business opportunities which bring more than 25% profit in less than 75 days ,

Given that in Romania there is a big number of Moldavian students in order to help Europe Union to promote his interests in Ucraina ,Moldova ,Georgia 

i had created a project from what can result a very important 

link which will go viral from hundreds computer to dozens millions of some other in Ucraian ,Moldova ,Georgia and like this citizens from those countries will see that Europe Union are bringing them a lot of advantages 

The text for one of those links can be ""Europe Union will help you to valorise your talent and get cash money apart of your salary ""For this purpose apart of some different other things i had